The Beauty of The Pacific Northwest

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Whether it's the morning fog above the ocean or the starfish visible from the low tides, PNW has beauty everywhere you turn.

I recently went on a photography trip with

Michael Hamerlind Photography to the Pacific

Northwest. I was unsure of what type of picture

I was going to come back home with. I kept asking myself,

What moments in time will I capture and will they be any good? This is a common question many photographers go through. I mean, no one wants to put the effort of traveling not to end up with a decent picture. But of course, after being back for several days now, I can calmly say I got some stellar photos.

I'm not sure where the self-doubt of one's skill comes and goes. I guess I'm thankful for it as it pushes me every day to become better. Almost every picture I took on this trip turned out just remarkable. I captured two waterfalls in one day, several kinds of starfish in an hour, and flew my drone through the hole in the wall. It's just an oddly shaped hole within the volcanic rock.

After coming back home, I was amazed at such incredible photos we took after getting back. It's safe to say I'll be back there sometime soon.

Look out for more blogs as I talk about the adventures I went on this trip

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