The 3 Biggest Reasons Why You Want A Wedding Video

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

By Devin Leary

Videographer and Business Owner

I Write about Business Advice and Videography

You know how it goes: First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes crying as you watch your wedding video over again and again. Okay, I may have taken the liberty of changing a few things around but for good measure. In recent years, it has become common to see couples hiring wedding videographers. If you watch one of the videos produced by Leary Studios, it becomes clear to see why. Yes, that was a shameless plug of my production company. Check us out at to find out more. Let me give you a list of 3 reasons wedding couples book us.

1. The Fear of Missing Out

The number of people realizing the importance of having their wedding filmed is growing. With this being a factor, many couples are seeing the value of having it done. Videography is always a second thought after photographers. But by watching one wedding video, you will quickly realize they capture what photographers can not. Photographs can not capture actual movement, the speeches, the incredible dancing, and everything in-between. I personally never wish for someone to regret not doing things differently on their wedding day.

2. Either You Remember Everything Or Everything Is A Blur

Let me be completely honest with you. Your wedding will feel like it is over in a flash. I have yet to talk to a couple that felt like the day was long. A wedding video helps you remember even the little details and the big moments of the day. In many cases, couples experience things they didn't the first time while watching their video. We want you to remember everything about your day with the help of our videos.

3. Everyone Feels Like They Were There In One Way Or Another

We have captured a few weddings during the pandemic travel ban. During this time, the bride's parents could not fly from overseas to witness their daughter's wedding. We had the pleasure to capture the most we possibly could so their parents could feel like they were there. We will just put one warning on what we do. Our videos can make you cry tears of joy every time you watch them. That was no exception for that family. Our goal is to give you or anyone else the ability to relive that day, Whether they were there or not.

Those were 3 of the biggest reasons why videography is a must for your wedding. If you are interested, contact Leary Studios at

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