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Whether it's showing off a new product for your business or your walking down the aisle with your significant other. I promise to capture video footage of every moment you need from me with professionalism and creativity. I strongly believe in capturing and showing the best for you. 



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Jenna & Ryan

"Devin, I am speechless. Both Ryan and I are. I watched it in my car and was sobbing. Incredible work; you should be so proud of the work you have done. We can’t thank you enough. Perfection!


David Brier

"Devin is a terrific resource for a major video editing project I had. It required intense attention to detail and Devin was always reliable, patient, and helpful with solid recommendations. Without Devin's help, this would have been a project from hell, but with his help, we came out shining creating one of Linkedin's most viral videos ever made.

Sari & Ben

"Thanks for helping the day run smoothly, keeping it chill, and fun. We loved having you and will be recommending you to our future married friends!


Devin leary

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